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31 December 2015 @ 08:33 pm
Friends Only  


I'm Michiru!!

I'm from Spain, my english isn't good but  I think it's ok! I would like to understand everybody (translator.. help me!).

My livejournal is changing~ sorry! I haven't got anything. In this moment.

friends only!

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I like soo much Japan!! *-* ><
And of course, japan music, dramas~, and more!I like korean things too :) and... some taiwanese things...

So... I hope to see you soon as a friend~ ♥

Current Location: my bedroon
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Current Music: Monologue - Nishikido Ryo
kagaminonakade.blogspot.com on September 26th, 2011 03:57 pm (UTC)
por supuesto

claro q tendras q inscribir items distintos!